Time Series Learnings

I had chance to work on a time series project for a prestigious company. The actual data is not shareable due to confidentiality purpose, but I would like to share my important general learnings below for anyone interested in time series modeling. Please note that some chart measurements and labels were purposefully left out to filter out sensitive data.  (more…)

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Are You Ready For The Next Technology Wave?

We discussed about AR, VR, and AI for years, but finally started to experience technology explosion in last a few years.  Infrastructure, such as internet speed, processing power, and AI technologies are finally there to put everything together.  Just take a few examples, Alpha Go beat #1 human Go player in 2017; OpenAI Five crushed top-talented team players, in a very complex game named Dota2 in 2018. More technologies and big headlines are surfacing everyday. However, this is just the very beginning of AI era. (more…)

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Digging into Reviews of Ratemyprofessors.com

I had an opportunity to work on a project to uncover insights about reviews on ratemyprofessors.com. Apparently over 4 millions of students use the rating system for class selection every year. Most of us may already know final rating is just the average of all students. However, few understand what truly go into and drive the ratings. In addition to that, reviews can be highly inconsistent from student to student. A rating of 5 from student A can mean differently to student B.  Ratings can easily skew toward either positive and negative end of spectrum as well. Just think about your personal experience. Do you tend to remember more about most satisfied or miserable experience, but remember less about average experience?


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