Hi there-

I am Xu Zhou, coming from a mixed Computer Science and Business Background. In the last ~9 years, I was fortunate enough to work with a few great companies, such as SoFi, Intuit, Oracle, and Intel. I have taken multiple analytics driven roles in financial space, and recently joined SoFi as a Sr. Data Scientist. I developed models and led projects to help business save cost and grow. Throughout my career, I realized that Data Science becomes increasingly demanded for decision makings, and it is a great combination of my CS and business backgrounds. With a passion in technology, I decided to pick up relevant skill sets, build projects, and make an impact in this space.

As someone passionate about Data Science and changed career, I would like to share my own story here of breaking into Data Science. This includes lessons I learned and projects I undertook. I hope this can benefit you, clear your confusion, and show you how you can do it as well. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you are interested in my projects or my journey to DS. Thank you and enjoy the blog!

Xu Zhou

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