Unleash Power of Marketing Teams Using Data Science

WomenTechWomenYes (WTWY) hosts an annual gala each summer. The time is coming up again this year. Marketing street teams will be placed at multiple NY MTA stations to generate buzz and raise awareness. With short timeline and other constraints, the organization approached us for help.


WTWY’s key objectives are listed below.¬†We would like to identify key MTA stations to help WTWY optimize the placement of street teams and thus the impact of campaign.

  • Raise fund
  • Raise brand awareness and reach
  • Increase the participation of women in technology


After thorough research and analysis, we believed that four factors listed below have biggest impact to the campaign (see table below). For each MTA station, we assigned a score based on each of factor. This provided us with total of four scores each station. We then performed weighted average to arrive at a final rating for each station. Eventually, the weighted average ratings were used for ranking and recommendation purposes.

Factors Data Source Details
Potential Market MTA Traffic Data Traffic around each MTA station
Professionals – High Tech Related Google Maps API How far each station is from surrounding top High-Tech firms
Lifestyle – Starbucks Google Maps API How far each station is from surrounding Starbucks
Demographics – Female Percentage US Census Data Female percentage around each MTA station


MTA stations were ranked based on ratings. Top stations and optimal time windows were identified and recommended to optimize the placement of street teams:

  • MTA Stations: Time Square, E14th Street, Herald Square Stations were identified as top 3 stations
  • Time Windows: Friday and Saturday 7 p.m.-9 p.m. were identified as best time windows to maximize the impact

Recommended Next steps:

  • Evaluate tourist vs. resident impact
  • Continuous improvement of rating system based on feedback
  • Other factors to consider: related organizations, education, income level, and etc.

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